• Joy Cole

Is Your Skin Thirsty?

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

7 Fun Facts About Skin Dehydration & Dryness

1. So check it out folks! You can’t have both oily and dry skin. Oily skin means your skin produces oil and you know dry skin means it doesn’t produce oil. You can be oily and dehydrated however.

2. All skin types needs a good balance of both moisture (oil) & hydration (water). This is the key to your glowing gorgeous skin. Invest in your skin as it will represent you for a long time!

3. This might be shocking but guess what? Drinking water does not hydrate the skin. Here's why”inserts shock emoji”. Hydration levels in the skin have a tiny bit to do with drinking water, but more so how you treat your skin's surface. It's like this! if you’re not moisturizing or you know ? using fake natural soup bar or laundry cleansers to wash your face, they will have a bigger impact on the lack of hydration in the skin than not drinking water ever ever ever will. 

4. The top layers of skin know as the epidermis, is responsible for keeping skin hydrated, fyi. It’s where hydration control occurs. It maintains a good balance between retaining water and losing water.

5. To retain water sufficiently, keep the skin healthy, you need great lipids (oils). These can either be your own natural lipids or topical ones, in the form of emollient moisturizers. This is where Reju comes in to the rescue!

Be sure to check back as we discuss more on skin care!


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